Keeping Warmer in the Great Outdoors
Space Pens, Pencils, and How NASA Takes Notes in Space
From Lab to Classroom: How NASA Tech Improves Learning
Small Businesses Partner with NASA to Make a Difference on Earth and Beyond
From Spacesuits to Racing Suits
NASA Technology Helps in Fight Against Climate Change
CMOS Sensors Enable Phone Cameras, HD Video
Spinoffs from Mars!
Measuring Moon Dust to Fight Air Pollution
Ultrasonic Welding Makes Parts for NASA Missions, Commercial Industry
Inside NASA’s Pandemic Response Campaigns
Neurological Devices, Racecars, Antennas Benefit from NASA Heat Shield Material
Forecasting Saharan Dust to Minimize Health Risks
Space-Age Water Conservation
Space Fuel Cell Provides Deep-Sea Power
Taking Out the Trash, NASA-Style
Hot Water on Demand
NASA Microphone Detects Turbulence Hundreds of Miles Away
The Rewards of Perseverance
Odor-Eliminating Shoe Inserts Rely on NASA-Tested Activated Carbon Cloth
NASA Helps Bring Airport Communications into the Digital Age
Communicating via Long-Distance Lasers
Answering the Call of Distress
For Work or Play, Comfort All Day
Recalibrating Fine Motor Skills
Catch the Waves
Debugging Code Is Rocket Science
How the Moon Landing Led to Safer Food for Everyone


Spinoff highlights NASA technologies that benefit life on Earth in the form of commercial products. We’ve profiled more than 2,000 spinoffs since 1976 — there’s more space in your life than you think!
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