Consumer Goods
Hot Water on Demand
Odor-Eliminating Shoe Inserts Rely on NASA-Tested Activated Carbon Cloth
For Work or Play, Comfort All Day
NASA Helps Optimize Air Purifiers with Modeling Expertise
NASA Brain Training Tech Makes Smart Glasses
NASA Investment in Small Businesses Helps Both Thrive
Zero-Gravity Body Posture Influences Acupressure Massage Chair
Nanotechnology Repairs Engine Damage in Cars
Carbon-Fiber Heat Sink Makes Batteries Safer for Electric Cars, Bikes, and More
Freeze-Dried Foods Nourish Adventurers and the Imagination
Astronaut Experience Inspires Single-Handed Drone Flight Controller
Light Research Aids Slumber
NASA Plant Research Offers a Breath of Fresh Air
Brainwaves Reveal Student Engagement, Operate Household Objects
Rocket Design Leads to Turbo-Charged Air Purifier
Memory Foam Supports and Shapes in Women’s Apparel
NASA Research Sends Video Game Players on a Journey to Mars
Spacesuit Air Filters Eliminate Household Pet Odors
Bowflex System Spurs Revolution in Home Fitness
Paired Sleep Tracker, Light Therapy Tools Retrain Circadian Rhythms