Consumer Goods
Zero-Gravity Body Posture Influences Acupressure Massage Chair
Nanotechnology Repairs Engine Damage in Cars
Carbon-Fiber Heat Sink Makes Batteries Safer for Electric Cars, Bikes, and More
Freeze-Dried Foods Nourish Adventurers and the Imagination
Astronaut Experience Inspires Single-Handed Drone Flight Controller
Light Research Aids Slumber
NASA Plant Research Offers a Breath of Fresh Air
Brainwaves Reveal Student Engagement, Operate Household Objects
Rocket Design Leads to Turbo-Charged Air Purifier
Memory Foam Supports and Shapes in Women’s Apparel
NASA Research Sends Video Game Players on a Journey to Mars
Spacesuit Air Filters Eliminate Household Pet Odors
Bowflex System Spurs Revolution in Home Fitness
Paired Sleep Tracker, Light Therapy Tools Retrain Circadian Rhythms
High-Efficiency LEDs Grow Crops, Stimulate Alertness
Space-Grade Insulation Keeps Beer Colder on Earth
Aerogel Insulation Makes Thinner, Warmer Outerwear
The Martian Garden Recreates Red Planet’s Surface
Ferrofluid Technology Becomes a Magnet for Pioneering Artists
Light-Induced Oxidation Cleans Air, Surfaces, Clothes