Energy and Environment
Forecasting Saharan Dust to Minimize Health Risks
Space-Age Water Conservation
Space Fuel Cell Provides Deep-Sea Power
Taking Out the Trash, NASA-Style
Eagle Eyes in Treacherous Skies
In the Right Hands, NASA Satellite Data and Analysis Make Earth Better
Environmental Cleanup Courtesy of a NASA Cafeteria Brainstorm
Gas Processors Turn Oil Drilling Emissions into Fuel for Sale
Laser Enables Precise Measurements for Weather Forecasting, Industry
Versatile Fuel Cells Stop Natural Gas Emissions at Oil Wells
Field-Scanning Drone Gives Farmers Better Data
Satellite Imagery Helps Farmers Cut Water Use in Half
Rocket Expertise Assists Transition to Green Energy
Algorithms to Detect Clouds Forecast Global Crop Production
Pointing Platform Enables Earth Imaging from Space Station
Emissive Coatings Cut Industrial Costs, Emissions, Fuel Consumption
Carbon Capture Process Makes Sustainable Oil
Space Station Garden Shines Light on Earth-Based Horticulture
Building-Monitoring System Provides Insights for Sustainability
Electrified Bacteria Clean Wastewater, Generate Power