Energy and Environment
Algorithms to Detect Clouds Forecast Global Crop Production
Emissive Coatings Cut Industrial Costs, Emissions, Fuel Consumption
Building-Monitoring System Provides Insights for Sustainability
Electrified Bacteria Clean Wastewater, Generate Power
Space Station Garden Shines Light on Earth-Based Horticulture
Organic Compound Turns Toxic Waste into Harmless Byproducts
LED Lighting Improves Efficiency, Imaging, Cuts Maintenance
Remote Sensing Technology Fights Forest Fires Smarter
Earth Images Enable Near-Perfect Crop Predictions
NASA Kite Invention Spurs Ever-Growing Educational Program
Micronutrient Formula Strengthens Plants, Increasing Yields
Plant Food for Space Grows Crops on Earth
Chemical Simulation Software Predicts Climate Change, Air Quality
GPS Correction Technology Lets Tractors Drive Themselves
Computer Learning Program Inventories Farmers’ Fields
Controlled-Release Fertilizer Takes Root in Fields, Groves Worldwide
Satellite Imagery Sheds Light on Agricultural Water Use
Mineral Analyzer Shakes Answers Out of Soil and Rocks
Building Sensor Monitors Power Usage, Device by Device
Low-Cost Flow Meters Bring Efficiency, Reliability to Nuclear Plants