Health and Medicine
Telescope Mirror Tech Improves Eye Surgery
NASA Research Illuminates Medical Uses of Light
From a Lightbox to Lamps
Clean Air Tech for Spacecraft Helps Fight Pandemic
Lighting in a Bottle
Artificial Intelligence for Astronauts Monitors Patients at Home
NASA Investment in Small Businesses Helps Both Thrive
Remote Monitoring Promotes Community Health beyond Hospitals
Balance Scale Predicts, Helps Prevent Falls
Low-Outgassing, Space-Grade Coatings Cover Electronics, Sensors, Pacemakers
Fiber-Optic “Nerves” Enable Sensitive Surgery Tools
Variable-Gravity Device Enables Medical, Pharmaceutical Research
Space Station Research Platform Paves the Way for Zero-G Manufacturing
Unique Polymer Finds Widespread Use in Heart Devices
Material for Mars Makes Life-Saving Sutures
Fluorescent Paints Spot DNA Damage from Radiation, Gene Editing
Image-Analysis Software Sees Cancer in 3D
Miniature Positioner Focuses Lenses with Precision
Biometric Sensor Tracks Vital Signs for Health
Sterilizing Fogger Cleans Ambulances with a Breeze