Health and Medicine
Balance Scale Predicts, Helps Prevent Falls
Low-Outgassing, Space-Grade Coatings Cover Electronics, Sensors, Pacemakers
Fiber-Optic “Nerves” Enable Sensitive Surgery Tools
Variable-Gravity Device Enables Medical, Pharmaceutical Research
Space Station Research Platform Paves the Way for Zero-G Manufacturing
Unique Polymer Finds Widespread Use in Heart Devices
Material for Mars Makes Life-Saving Sutures
Fluorescent Paints Spot DNA Damage from Radiation, Gene Editing
Image-Analysis Software Sees Cancer in 3D
Miniature Positioner Focuses Lenses with Precision
Biometric Sensor Tracks Vital Signs for Health
Compact Spectrometers Unveil Clues to Diagnose Cancer
Virtual Therapist Offers Out-of-This-World Depression Treatment
Weightless “Weight”-Lifting Builds Muscle on Earth
Optimized Imager Tracks Cancer, Stem Cells in Medical Research
Biometric Sensors Optimize Workouts
Sterilizing Fogger Cleans Ambulances with a Breeze
Temperature-Regulating Fabrics Keep Babies Comfortable
Space-Based Bone Scanner Expands Medical Research
Cooling Garments Find New Medical, Athletic, and Industrial Uses